X-31 performs an autopilot landing at Patuxent River We offer process consulting for your projects GATE has been used to qualify digital mapping systems on Lookheed's C-130J


Fleming Technologies offers all the convenience of working with a small company but with the benefit of practical experience in the aviation and defense industries. From embedded systems (software and FPGA) to desktop development (Linux and Windows), we are passionate about our work and are ready to serve. We excel at system processes from concept to qualification; wherever you are in your product cycle, we can help.

Cost Effective

We offer design, development, and qualification at the most competitive and reasonable prices in the industry. We put your needs first, custom tailoring our processes specifically to your projects.


We were formed with the intent of being able to offer the specific and tailored services we believe only a small business can provide. We provide services covering concept, research, requirements, development, and qualification. Whatever your need, we are ready and excited to provide world class engineering.