About Fleming Tech

After having gained many years of experience in the aerospace industry Fleming Technologies was formally incorporated in 2011 so that we could control and streamline the work we had become familiar with and passionate for. We believe small businesses have the unique opportunity to be the most dynamic, fluid, and ingenious.

Integrity is a big part of who we are at Fleming Technologies. When you make us your partner you'll get every bit of our experience and determination behind your project or product.


Fleming Technologies in located in the mountians of Virginia at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Park. The VTCRC provides a peaceful office settings that makes it easy to settle in a get things done. And when we can't sit any longer our employees are encouraged to get out and walk the miles of nearby trails, hit the onsite gym, or grab a bite to eat at one of the onsite restaurants.

Brett Fleming - President

Brett Fleming

Brett graduated from Virginia Tech in 1997 with a degree in Computer Engineering. Brett successfully performed US and international partner aerospace industry programs for the last 13 years including military defense projects for the X-31, X-43C, Honeywell OAV, Global-Hawk, and C-130J's.

Having earned a strong Hokie education, Brett's professional growth began as an employee with RJK Technologies where he was first exposed to the wide range of military and commercial development processes. Through the complex projects at RJK Technologies, Brett became well versed in all aspects of project development processes and had risen to Lead Software Architect and Team Lead. Since RJK Technologies was a small fluid company, Brett had the opportunity to perform many diverse tasks during his 10 year tenure: Software development, systems architecture, configuration management, and quality control.

Brian Alexander - Principal Engineer

Brian Alexander

Brian graduated from Virginia Tech in 1997 with a degree in Computer Science. His career has included projects for the communications, medical and aerospace industries but has focused on mission and safety-critical systems. This broad experience in highly reliable systems has provided Brian with a firm understanding how good development process helps to ensure each project's success in all stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Todd Fleming - Principal Engineer

Todd Fleming

Todd graduated from Virginia Tech in 1996 with a Masters in Electrical Engineering. Todd's passion for hardware and software engineering goes back over 25 years whene he started as a database system design consultant while in grade school. Since then he has produced a reconfigurable hardware simulator, custom object-oreinted transactional database, and custom win32 GUI frameworks, and the software behind two award-winning education products.

Some of his more recent work includes FPGA development, a front-end compiler, a digital hardware analysis framework, and a flexible pattern matching tool that exceeds the performance of every competing product.

Todd has a work history that includes Recognition Research, Xilinx, Luna, MacAulay Brown and more. He is a strong team leader, instructor, architect, and mentor who is well respected among his peers.