Brett Fleming

General Avionics Test Environment

GATE is premier software and hardware development tool that has been used successfully for over 10 years to support integration, formal testing and regression testing.

All of the source code, documentation, and test results were completed developed in house.

Designed and developed based upon FAA aircraft software standards, DO-178B, GATE is fully compliant with all requirements for DO-178B test tools including all required documentation.

Feature Summary

  • Runs under Win XP, Win 7, and Win 8 (32 and 64bit) environments. Can be run on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.
  • Powerful scripting language allows for complete control including:
    • IF THEN ELSE conditions
  • Modular, plug in I/O modules
    • Allows new I/O interfaces to be added quickly
    • All data completely defined using XML
    • Allows scripts to be generalized, not depending upon the I/O interface
  • Reporting
    • See real time results and statistics
    • Complete reports to be used in formal test reports


Hardware/Software programs that used GATE to qualify product for flight.

  • X-31 : Used to integrate, formally qualify, and regression test entire digital fly-by-wire flight control software.
  • Global Hawk : Used to formally qualify electric brake actuation system.
  • C-130J Digital Map Unit : Used to integrate, formally qualify, and regression test digital map software currently flying on C-130J

Brief History of GATE

GATE was originally developed for the X-31 program in 2001. Being an experimental development program, the US NAVY needed the ability to generate software changes and receive flight clearances as quickly as possible to save both schedule and cost. Before GATE, the formal testing process to over 4 days running 24hrs a day. Using GATE, the amount of scripts doubled and the complete test was done in under 8 hours.