Precision Guided Rocket Launcher

The PGRL program is a major advancement of the previous 2.75" laser guided rocket programs at ATK. Combining the knowledge of the previous system, with the legacy support of the LPGA, the 2nd generation PGRL will provide built in support for both legacy and modernized military platforms.

As technology advancement to the Legacy Platform to GATR Adaptor (LPGA) project, Fleming Technologies is the systems and software systems responsible party for the ATK Advance Weapons Group 2nd generation Precision Guided Rocket Launcher. With the success of the LPGA program, Fleming Technologies was selected to be the lead software development house for the PGRL program.

Fleming Technologies completed Phase 1 of the PGRL program, concluding with a successful integration with the newest hardware from Aeronix, Inc., as well as the updated Guidance Sections from Elbit Systems Ltd.

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Legacy Platform to GATR Adaptor

Fleming Technologies was contracted to work with ATK to reverse-engineer the legacy Apache-A Helicopter weapon systems in order to provide interoperability to ATK's Modernized Rocket Launcher program. Fleming Technologies worked onsite with ATK personal to evaluate, design, and ultimately produce a demonstration unit.

With the help of hardware design firm Aeronix, Inc., the team was able to successfully build and fly an adaptor module that strapped to the side of ATK's Launchers and was able to translate from the Apache-A's weapon system serial interface to the Modernized Rocket Launcher(MRL) MIL-STD-1760 compliant interfaces. The program was confirmed with the successful live-fire demonstrations.

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Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket

GATR is a laser-guided 70mm precision system that delivers extreme accuracy against both stationary and moving targets.

Fleming Technologies was contracted by ATK Energetic Systems to perform the software design, development, integration, and maintenance of the Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket program. Primary responsibilities targeted an update to the software development processes, formal document generation, requirements generation, and the code base.

Fleming Technologies performed platform interface requirements generation tasks, platform interface design reviews, software development, hardware development, sub-system integration, avionics integration lab tests, hanger tests, platform EMI tests, captive carry missions, and free flight engagements.

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General Digital Mapping Unit

While at RJK Technologies, Brett was the lead system and software architect for the General Digital Mapping Unit (GDMU) program. The GDMU was a form-fit-function replacement for the C-130J cockpit digital mapping displays. Brett was responsible for the system and software level processes, documentation, artifacts and ultimately for the entire code base.

The project was a DO-178B Level C program which was completed on-time and on-budget. During the course of development and integration, RJK Technologies was processes and product were audited by the FAA for flight worthiness and passed the evaluation the first time. Brett was an instrumental part of interfacing with the Auditor and walking through all the RJK processes and procedures.

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